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Imagine coming home to a spacious, elegant and radiant new living space with a stylish staircase that amplifies comfort, reawakens your home and gives you the uniquely personalized “one of a kind” luxurious home feel that you deserve.

However, we here at Elite Staircase knows that choosing, designing and building the right staircase showpiece that fits perfectly with your home’s decor, style, structure and precise measurements can be a daunting task.

And to help turn this new difficult yet rewarding renovation project into a relaxing and amazingly grand experience, or if you’re simply not sure what you would like to do, just set an appointment for a consultation below. And to make this experience even more stress-free, we’ll schedule a FREE on-site consultation based on your availability to discuss your staircase needs or just to help you plan for design ideas.

Available Nights & Weekends

We are available to do your home consultation at the time that is most convenient for you and your family.

Certified Proffesional Staff

Our team of experienced, certified proffesionals are capable of delivering on your vision.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive & flexible pricing options to suit your needs.

Licensed & Bonded

We are licensed and bonded to provide you with extra piece of mind for every job we do will be done correctly.

Which Staircase Is The Right Design…?

Which Style Will Increase Your Unique Home’s Value The Most Significantly and Keep My Home Competitive to the Market?

Elite Staircase will help you explore, customize, and fully understand which specific style, material, and staircase system will best match the design of your home, is the safest for your home’s architectural structure, and will maximize your home’s resale value. These are just a few key points we factor in when help you discover the perfect staircase system for you home.

Since each staircase and railing system is unique and customizable, on your FREE onsite consultation that we provide as a part of your “Done-For-You Service” well discuss with you all the key factors listed above and much more in detail.

Our goal at The Elite Staircase Company is to ensure that we get your staircase project done right the first time and without delays. We know how inconvenient it can be to have construction work done in your home, and in addition, we know first hand how costly it could be to make last-second or post-construction adjustments. That’s why we go through an extensive discovery process in selecting your staircase system choice and a 25 point ironclad inspection to guarantee that your satisfaction is fully satisfied.

And to begin this exciting new discovery and to begin working on your new upgrade project, quickly fill in the survey below and get the modernized staircase that you and your home deserves.


Premium Finish Aluminum

Aluminum systems have many key advantages over glass and other staircase systems. Aluminum stairs projects are often the fastest to set up and allows you to enjoy your renovated home much more quickly. With built-in adjustability, aluminum systems allow us to make last-second adjustments and provides an extremely high strength to weight ratio, giving you a light yet durable stair system that will last. Lastly, Aluminum stairs require virtually no maintenance, and some aluminum finishes are self-repairing and will keep your home looking immaculate at all times.

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Reinforced Glass

All glass or partial glass staircase systems can come in curved, helical, and pretty much any design you desire. Limited to only your imagination in design, glass system can be left invisible or set with luxury lighting to illuminate each step. The elegance and exquisite visual impact of glass stairs will not only bring a new class of sophistication to your home but also turn your home into the showstopping piece that everyone will admire.

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Clean, Powerful and elegant… A modern steel staircase gives your home a unique sense of sophistication, industrial style and solidifies strength to your home. Being both ultra-durable and attractive with its sleek modern style, our stainless steel modernized stair systems come in a variety of designs and finishes. Furthermore, during our FREE consultation, we’ll help you discover and customize the stair system of your choice to match your exact needs and desires.

Take Your First Step: To get started quickly tell us more about your project by filling out the form below. One of our specialist will reach out to meet with you at your earliest convenience. There we’ll answer any questions, concerns and even provide you with the latest staircase information that's available only to premiere contractors. We look forward to revitalizing and upgrading you to the stylish home you can be truly proud of. So quickly fill out the form below and get the modernized staircase that you deserve.

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Whether you know exactly how really you want your new home to be or just looking for new ideas to build your new house, offers priceless resources to help bring those ideas to life.just looking for new ideas to build your new house, offers priceless resources.For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective.

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Luxurious Wood

This beautiful marriage of modern with natural woods is a jaw-dropper. This railing upgrade is a masterpiece and a conversation starter in any corporate or modern residential environment. Guests will be amazed at these gorgeous modern railing systems that last for years.

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Great & Awesome Works

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A Small Home Investment…

For an Exponentially Greater Visual & Resale Value.

What initial impression does you staircase display for your home? Does your home display a sense of sophistication, elegance, or even immense value? Stairs systems are the showpiece of any home. A well crafted and designed staircase adds a premium feel, comfort and even provides an added incentive for potential buyers. Investing in a custom staircase and significantly support the resale value of your home and in aesthetics. Our Specialist is ready to help you today! Just fill in this quick survey and will set you up with a FREE in-home consultation and get your project going right away!




Highest Rated Staircase Specialist In Austin

Elite Staircase has completed over 800 staircase projects in the last 8 years and has been featured as Austin’s Top 3 Staircase Companies.

Done For You Luxury Services

Since each staircase and railing system is unique and customizable, on your FREE onsite consultation that we provide as a part of your “Done-For-You Service” - we’ll help you explore, customize, prep and buildout your staircase dream all while you relax.

Free In-House Design Consultation

Our design specialists will meet you in person to inspect the foundation, structure, and create for you a staircase layout that best suits your style, energy and maximizes the value of your home. In addition, we’ll answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Professional In house team

With Elite Staircase system’s in-house team, you get clean single point communication, decrease production time (Zero 3rd Party Contract delays) and 100% satisfaction guarantee from Elite Staircase Company

Quality & Deadlines Focused

All aspects of the operations being transparent and clear for clients and partners

Fully Insured

The Elite Staircase Company is fully insured for your protection. So rest assured as we will cover any unforeseen damages during the entire course of our done for your staircase service(s.) In addition, our work and craftsmanship come to you with full warranty.

You’re Just 3 Simple Steps Away To Enjoying You New Luxury Stairway…


Let’s get started on your new staircase system project! But first, just tell us a little more about your vision, timeline, and a few other details so that we can help you discover and find the perfect staircase that’s infused with your unique preferences. To make things even simpler, more stress-free and efficient for you, Elite Staircase will provide an all-inclusive done-for-you service - starting with a FREE in-home consultation. Once you fill out and submit the survey below, we'll assign a specialist based on your specific staircase vision to meet with you at your earliest convenience.


Once we have our agreement and staircase plan set and signed. For your convenience and comfort - Elite Staircase will provide you will an in house executive project manager to advise, manage and ensure all work and deliverables are done on time and in the highest quality.


With your staircase style, timeline, material selection finalized, and with your full approval, our staircase construction specialist will prepare and provide for you a zero-hassle white-glove service from the start of the project to finish. We'll do a full intensive clean up and perform our final inspection with the president of Elite Staircase upon completion to ensure your full satisfaction. Our Specialist is ready to help you today! Just fill in this quick survey and will set you up with a FREE in-home consultation and get your project going right away!

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